Australia take on third-placed Russia in Toyama


·  Australia and Russia will meet for the second time in the competition after a Russian straight set victory back in 2007.
·  Their last international meeting came at the 2010 World Championships. Russia beat Australia 3-1.
·  Australia are eyeing their first win over Russia in all major competitions. They have lost on all eight previous occasions, including meets at the world championships, World League and Olympic Games.

·  Australia's last two World Cup matches were both five setters. They won against Egypt and lost against Canada.
·  Australia can become the fifth team to play three consecutive five setters, after Japan (1965), Algeria (1991), Russia (1999), Iran (2011) and Poland (2011).
·  Australia can win at least one set in four consecutive World Cup matches for the first time ever.
·  Thomas Ewen Douglas-Powell celebrates his 23rd birthday on the day of the match.

·  Russia have recorded four victories in their first five World Cup matches. This is exactly the same start as they had in 2011. In 2011, they finished first and qualified for the Olympic Games.
·  Russia, including Soviet Union, are the team with the highest win percentage in World Cup history (82.95%).
They have won most sets in the history of the World Cup (236). They surpassed Brazil, who are not participating (232).


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