Australia's strategy was simple - get the ball to Edgar


Hiroshima, Japan, September 12, 2015 - Roberto Santilli praised Thomas Edgar's as Australia won their first match of the FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup Japan 2015 on Saturday.

Australia coach Roberto Santilli: "We didn't start that well today. We found the key to the game was to get the ball to Edgar. The strategy was elementary. When he is playing like that he is hard to stop. We are really, really happy with this victory after losing three matches. The atmosphere in the team was beginning to get dark, so today was very important."

Egypt coach Nehad Shehata: "We started good with our service, block, attack and reception. In the fifth set we made mistakes in reception. Part of the problem was that our first setter was injured and we were playing with our second. We lost concentration on reception. Experienced players have more concentration at the end of matches while the younger ones do not."

Australia captain Thomas Edgar: "This was a very difficult game. We transitioned well. Our counterattack was good. We really fought today. It's always great to get a win. I expect more from our team in this tournament. I spoke with some individual players after Wednesday's loss and we had a good training session yesterday. We also got some rest. So we came out ready to play today. I had a small cut between my fingers and every time I attacked it began to bleed. It was a minor injury."

Egypt captain Ahmed Abdelhay: "Today the game was equal. Australia played good. No. 6 (Edgar) played good. We made the same mistakes we have made before in reception in the fifth set."


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