Egypt go for third consecutive win


· Iran beat Egypt 3-0 in their only previous World Cup meeting in 2011.
· This was Iran's only straight sets win in the World Cup in 2011.
· The two teams also met in the 2009 Grand Champions Cup (3-2 Iran win) and at the 2010 World Championship (3-0 Egypt win).

· Egypt won 3-1 against Venezuela on Tuesday, the first time they won 3-0 or 3-1 in the World Cup in 18 matches. The last time they achieved this feat was on 22 November 2011, beating China 3-0.
· Egypt can record three World Cup victories in a row for the first time since 2007, when they won their last three matches of that campaign.
· They have won five of their last eight World Cup matches in Tokyo.

· Iran have equalled their record number of defeats of 1991 (7). They can lose eight World Cup matches for the first time.
· Iran have won one of their eight World Cup matches in Tokyo, a 3-2 win over Chile in 1991.
· Shahram Mahmoudi scored 20 points against Canada on Tuesday, most of all player from both sides as the next best scorer was John Gordon Perrin (13 points).


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