Egypt take on world champions Poland


·    Egypt and Poland met for the first time in the competition at the 2011 World Cup. Poland won in straight sets.
·    Poland have won the last six encounters with Egypt in all major competitions, including matches at the World League, Olympic Games, Grand Champions Cup and World Cup.
·    Egypt recorded their sole major international victory over Poland in their 2008 World League match-ups, 3-2 on 13 June.

·    Egypt have equalled their worst losing run at the World Cup, 14 matches. They also suffered 14 consecutive defeats from 1977-1995.
·    They could suffer three straight-set defeats for the first time since three in 2007.
·    Egypt had won 12 of their 13 competitive matches in 2015 before the 2015 World Cup, at the World League and the African Championship.
·    Ahmed Abdelhay scored 22 points in their 3-0 defeat against Argentina, only one point fewer than his teammates combined (23).

·    Poland can win seven World Cup matches in a row for the first time.
·    When Poland won the final at last year's World Championship, they set a winning streak of seven matches at that tournament.
·    The last time Poland won their first seven matches of a major tournament was at the 2009 European Championship, when they won all eight matches en route to the gold medal.


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