Hamamatsu welcomes Tunisia and Venezuela


·    Venezuela claimed a straight-sets victory against Tunisia in their only other match at the World Cup, in 2003.
·    That is the last time the two teams have met in a major competition.
·    The other three encounters all came at world championships in the 1970s, with Tunisia winning in 1970 and 1974, but losing 3-0 in 1978.
·    In the 2015 World League, Venezuela lost their two meetings with Egypt, the other African side to compete at this World Cup.

·    Tunisia have lost 13 World Cup matches in a row since a 3-2 win against Japan in 2007.
·    They have now lost their last four competitive matches after having won the four previous, at the African Championships.
·    Tunisia have had a different top scorer in all three matches at this World Cup - Elyes Karamosli, 11 against Poland, Marouen Garci, 21 against Iran and Mohamed Ali Ben Othmen Miladi and Hamza Nagga, each 10 versus Russia.

·    Venezuela have lost their first three matches at this World Cup. They also started their 2003 campaign with three defeats, before winning their fourth match, against Tunisia (3-0).
·    Seven of Venezuela's 10 World Cup defeats have come in straight sets.
·    Venezuela have won one competitive match this year, a 3-2 victory against Kazakhstan in the World League.


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