Hoag helps Canada in 3-0 win on Tunisia


Tokyo, Japan, September 23, 2015 – Canada closed their FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup Japan 2015 campaign with a straight sets victory (25-19, 25-21, 25-17) against Tunisia at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on Wednesday.

John Gordon Perrin bested all scorers with 14 points, but Nicholas Hoag won the Most Impressive Player with 13 equally important markers.

Canada went off to a great start in the first set, demonstrating a good share of tricks in their arsenal. Hoag eased into his good spot from the flank while Perrin brought in his snappy spikes 

Tunisia stood their ground with a good counterattack. This way, they were able to pass the ball to Hamza Nagga and Elyes Karamosli. Nabil Miladi posted a vigilant stance at the middle. 

It was spread out offence that worked to Canada’s advantage, with attacks being fired from all angles. They finished off the first set with a block from Hoag, 25-19.

Tunisia tried to step up to the challenge in the second set. They served better and passed the ball more efficiently. However, they suffered from costly attack miscues to squander good effort in orchestration.

Hoag continued to work wonders from the wing, with Justin Duff getting game on at the middle. Perrin closed the first set at 25-21with another swift attack.

Canada setter Tyler Sanders showed much range in offence by the third set. He had strong hitters on the floor and he knew well how to maximise them.

Coach Glenn Hoag’s squad put in a spikefest and the opposition needed to work even harder on defence.

The Canadian side enjoyed a hefty lead in the third set. Not even their own share of errors made them stray far from clear victory. Steven Marshall closed out at 25-17 with a swing from the side.

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