Japan aim to break losing streak in Tokyo


· Argentina's 3-2 win at the World Cup was the first time they beat Japan in this competition after suffering four defeats.
· Argentina are on a six-match winning streak in all major tournaments against Japan, including four wins in last year's World League.
· Japan's last two wins came at the 2007 World Cup and the 2006 world championship. In total japan have won eight of the 24 matches against Argentina in major competitions.

· Japan can win six matches at a single World Cup for the first time since winning seven matches in 1995.
· They can lose consecutive matches for the first time in the World Cup since their last two matches in 2011.
· Japan can record 11 wins at world tournaments in 2015 (excludes Asian Championship) for the first time in 20 years: 1995.
· They have lost their last nine World Cup matches in Tokyo. Between 1977 and 1991, they lost 10 in a row in the Japanese capital.

· Argentina have won six matches at a single World Cup for the first time. Their previous best World Cups were 1995, 2007 and 2011 with five wins each.
· Argentina now have a W14-L8 record in competitive matches in 2015. Last year they had a W13-L8 record.
· Argentina have won their last two World Cup matches in Tokyo, both in straight sets, when they defeated Egypt and China in 2011.
· Facundo Conte scored 25 points against Canada on Friday and has now 156 in the tournament, most among all Argentines. The next two on the top scorer list have combined 150 points (Sebastian Solé 80 and Cristian Poglajen 70).


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