Leaders USA take on Venezuela


·    These teams have met once before at the World Cup. In 2003, United States beat Venezuela in straight sets.
·    Their last international meeting came in 2010, at the world championship. Again, the Americans prevailed in straight sets (first round).
·    Venezuela last victory over United States came almost nine years ago. At the 2006 World Championship, the South American team beat United States in four sets.

United States
·    United States have won all their five matches so far in the 2015 World Cup. They can win their first six for the first time since they won their first seven in 1991.
·    USA can win four consecutive matches in straight sets for the first time since 2007
·    United States are the only team who claimed all possible points (15) in the World Cup so far.

·    Venezuela are currently ninth in the World Cup ranking. In their only other World Cup appearance, they finished eighth (2003).
·    Venezula are follwing the same pattern as in their first appearance in 2003. Like the 2015 World Cup, they lost the first three, then won the fourth and lost the fifth. In 2003, they won their sixth match.
·    Kervin Pinerua (14) and Willner Rivas (13) were the only players to score double figures against Poland.


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