Muserskiy, Tetyukhin team up for Russia’s sixth win


Toyama, Japan, September 17, 2015 – Russia rounded up their sixth win in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup with a straight-set (25-21, 25-16, 25-19) victory over Canada at the Toyama City Gymnasium on Thursday. 

Dmitriy Muserskiy topped all scorers with 16 points while Sergey Tetyukhin was named Most Impressive Player with 12 attack points.

Muserskiy immediately dispensed his quick kills, which clearly underlined a stronger frontline for Russia. 

Gavin Schmitt, back from missing several games, sparked the Canadian offence, but Russia’s hitters played more consistently from the attack line.

Sergey Grankin surprised everyone with a floater for an ace, to end the first set at 25-21. 

Tetyukhin proved valuable with his ferocious serves, but mostly, he weaved wonders from the wings.

The Canadian side found it just too hard to pass the ball and set up a good play. Errors at times when they could properly orchestrate for attacks cost them the second set, 25-16.

Russia capitalised on their strength at the middle in the third set. Artem Volvich vigilantly manned the net, and sent some quick kills as well.

Canada persisted in defence and slowly inched closer. Nicholas Hoag spurred a series of points for the 16-15 lead. Some errors later, they found themselves on the receiving end of service winners from Russia.

Muserskiy capped the third set, 25-19, with kill at the middle.


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