Poland aim to improve 2011 World Cup finish


· This is the third World Cup match between Poland and Tunisia. Poland won both previous matches in straight set (1969 and 1981).
· They also met twice at the Olympic Games. In 1972, Poland won 3-0 (group stage) and in 2003, the Polish team won 3-1 (group stage).
· They have met on only one other occasion in a major competition, with Poland winning 3-0 at the 2006 World Championship.

· This is Poland's sixth participation in the World Cup. Their best result is a second place finish in 1965 and 2011.
· They lost their last two matches in 2011 and can lose three in a row for the first time in the competition.
· Poland have won at least two sets in each of their last 12 World Cup matches, after a 3-0 defeat against Brazil in 1981.

· Tunisia participate for the eighth time in the World Cup. In their previous seven participations, they always finished in the bottom two, with 1991 being the only exception, finishing eighth of 12.
· They have lost 42 of their last 45 World Cup matches including the last 10.
· Their last victory was against hosts Japan in 2007 (3-2), which was their opening match that year.
· They have won half their matches in the World Cup that went into a fifth set (3 wins, 3 defeats).


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