Poland prevail in 3-0 win over Egypt


Toyama, Japan, September 17, 2015 – Poland picked up their seventh win in as many matches in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup at the Toyama City Gymnasium on Thursday. 

Bartosz Kurek served up a storm, charting four aces out of his total 14-point haul. Captain Michal Kubiak received the Most Impressive Player award for his 12-point contribution, all sourced from spikes. 

Egypt got off to a great start in with their serves, taking the 8-6 lead by the first technical timeout.

Poland, meanwhile, kept their plays straightforward, favouring well-placed swipes over trademark power moves. Kubiak proved an effective wingman, connecting with his attacks from the flank.

The Polish side likewise took to Kurek’s blocks, and they took the first set, 25-20. 

Kubiak continued to score, adding some combinations to his armoury, while Kurek was making magic from the service line.

Ahmed Abdelhay managed to get some attacks across but Egypt simply needed more from him or from Ahmed Shafik from the wings.

Egypt raced to reach 23-all with Abd Elhalim Abou’s blocks, but errors only cost them the second set, 23-25. 

Poland picked up their power plays in the third set, with Kurek’s lightning-swift, piercing attacks. Everything seemed to work for Poland as they elicited error upon error from the other court. They concluded the match with 25-18 to keep an immaculate win-loss card in the competition.

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