Russia prepare for Argentina challenge


·    Russia (including Soviet Union) have won all their four World Cup matches against Argentina in straight sets.
·    Russia (excluding Soviet Union) qualified for the Olympic Games in each World Cup in which they played against Argentina, in 1999, 2007 and 2011.
·    After qualifying for the Olympic Games in these years, Russia went on to reach the final of the Games in 2000 and 2012, winning gold in London. They finished third in Beijing in 2008.
·    Argentina seek their second win against Russia (including Soviet Union) in any major competition. They won 3-2 against Soviet Union at the 1990 World Championships, but lost their other 11 matches, winning only one set.

·    Russia have won nine of their last 10 World Cup matches, losing 3-1 against Poland on 8 September.
·    Four of their last five wins at the World Cup have come in straight sets.
·    They have won three of their last four competitive matches at the World League and World Cup after having lost their previous 11 matches this year.
·    Russia scored 13 points from blocks in their 3-0 win against Tunisia, with Ilia Vlasov accounting for six of these blocks.

·    Argentina's best World Cup run of four wins was halted by Poland: 3-1 defeat.
·    They can win three of their first four matches in a World Cup campaign for the second time. They did this in 2011.
·    Facundo Conte has scored most points for Argentina in two of their three matches at this World Cup. Cristian Poglajen scored one more point than Conte (18-17) in their 3-2 win against Venezuela.


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