Speraw grateful for win, says one-loss team may not get Olympic bid


Osaka, Japan, September 18, 2015 - The FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup could come down to set losses according to USA coach John Speraw as his team swept Tunisia in three sets on Thursday.

USA coach John Speraw: "It's always a challenge to play in a tournament like this. We played well in the second set and had a good run of points. Tunisia did a good job of digging and service in the third set. We lost some focus in the third set but were able to regain it. I think the way we played that set will help us down the line. I'm grateful to win this match in three sets. A team with only one loss might not get the Olympic bid in this tournament. It could come down to the set counts."

Tunisia coach Fathi Mkaouar: "Every match in this tournament is tough for us. This was a long match. The players had big stress due to the length of the previous match and it affected them today. We played well in the second and third sets. In a high-level match like this small details matter. We made errors late in the match because our players lack international experience. They will learn from this. We need to play more matches outside the country."

USA captain David Lee: "We are very happy to leave with a 3-0 victory today. We lost focus in the third set and Tunisia played a fantastic set. Their defense and serve were good. This was our last match in Osaka. We will look to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo."

Tunisia captain Marouen Garci: "We played against a strong team in the USA. We played well in the second and third sets."


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