USA become fourth team with double-figure participation in World Cup


· This is the second World Cup meeting between USA and Australia. In 2007, United States won 3-0.
· This was one of four meetings in a major competition, which were all won by United States.
· Besides the World Cup meeting in 2007, USA won 3-1 at the 2004 Olympic Games (group stage), 3-1 at the 2014 World League and 3-0 at the 2014 World Championship.
· Last season, Kawika Shoji (USA), Erik Shoji (USA) and Paul Carroll (AUS) were teammates at German side SCC Berlin.

United States
· This is the 10th World Cup participation for United States. They are the fourth nation with double figures participations after Japan (all 13 editions), Brazil (11) and Russia (11th participation in 2015, including Soviet Union).
· USA won the World Cup in 1985, the only other time they finished in the top-3 was in 1991 (3rd).
· In each of their last six participations, they won their opening match. Five of these six wins were in straight sets, with 1999 being the only exception (3-2 against Brazil).

· This is Australia's second World Cup participation in the World Cup following 2007, when they finished eighth, winning four of their 11 matches.
· They won their opener eight years ago, 3-2 against Korea. In fact, they won three of their first four matches, after also beating Japan and Tunisia and losing against Russia.
· In the 2015 World League, they won two of their 12 matches, including their final one against eventual finalists Serbia (3-2).


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