We make it really difficult on ourselves: Winters


 Toyama, Japan, September 17, 2015 – Poland defeated Egypt 3-0 (25-20, 25-23, 25-18) in the FIVB World Cup at Toyama City Gymnasium on Thursday.

Russia coach Vladimir Alekno: In this tournament, every match and every set is very important. At the moment, I’m satisfied with where we are with my team.

Russia captain Dmitriy Muserskiy: Canada are a tough team to play, so I’m happy we could win 3-0. Now, we are preparing for tomorrow’s match with Egypt.

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: I would like to congratulate Russia for their win. We tried our best to play today but Russia was just a bit too strong for us. Their serving was excellent and their attacking was good, so there’s not much to say. We’ll try to focus again on our game and try to do our best in every game and try to improve. That’s what we’ll keep doing for the next four matches.

Canada captain Frederic Winters: Like always, it was a difficult match for us. It doesn’t matter who we play; we always seem to make it really difficult on ourselves because our small ball in my opinion is really, really terrible. It’s almost like a fluke if we turn a dig into a kill. We act that way and it’s hard for us to score points when it’s like that. Obviously, it’s more difficult against Poland and Russia because they’re two of the best teams in the world but we’re having trouble doing it against the weaker teams, too, so it’s a big concern for us. It’s a tough moment for our team right now. I think our spirits aren’t down, which is good, but we’re definitely not playing our best volleyball. 


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