World champions Poland play Iran


·    Iran defeated Poland 3-2 in their only previous World Cup match, in 2011.
·    Despite that defeat, Poland finished second and qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games.
·    Poland and Iran will face each other for the 10th time in major competitions in the last two seasons.
·    Poland have won six of their nine encounters with Iran in 2014 and 2015, including at last year's world championships (3-2)
·    In the 2015 World League, Poland beat Iran three times. Iran won once, a 3-2 win on 26 June.

·    Poland can win their first four World Cup matches for the first time since 1977, when they won their first six.
·    Poland finished fourth in 1977 after losing their last two matches that year.
·    Italy and USA are the other teams with a perfect record after three matches at the 2015 World Cup.
·    Poland's three wins come after three defeats in their last three matches at this year's World League.
·    They scored 59 points from spikes in their 3-1 win against Argentina.
·    Bartosz Kurek was top scorer for Poland against Argentina (23 points), but he converted only 50 percent of all his spike attempts: 19 points - 38 attempts.

·    Iran can win three World Cup matches in a row for the second time after a run of three against Serbia, Poland and Argentina in 2011.
·    They have won 14 of their last 19 competitive matches this year, in World League, Asian Championship and World Cup.
·    Iran lost their first four matches in 2015, in the World League, including two defeats against Poland.


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