Blengini says team must keep focus after win over Tunisia


Osaka, Japan, September 17, 2015 - Italy coach Gian Lorenzo Blengini said his side need to hold their nerve better as they defeated Tunisia.

Italy coach Gian Lorenzo Blengini: I'm happy with the result. We have to do now what we can and do our best. First and second set we had a good serve. We did not in the third set. Our opponents were good and had rhythm in the third set. We have to keep focus and not get nervous in the end. They had good defense in the third set. They had a strong mentality. We won but I think they did a good job.

Tunisia coach Fathi Mkaouar: I always think the Italy team is great. It's like a volleyball school with them. We don't have enough experience in this kind of event. Italy has strong players and is experienced in international games and events. This tournament is a good experience for our players. We studied and analyzed how to play Italy and did our best.

Italy captain Simone Buti: We focused well. We were in rhythm in the first and second sets. Our rhythm was disrupted in the third set by their defense. We got back our focus and were able to win in the end.

Tunisia captain Marouen Garci: We feel we did a good job. The second and third set we did well. Italy is strong. We don't have enough experience. We will continue to do our best from tomorrow. My health and performance is not good yet (was ill before the tournament with a virus). I'm not sure how I can improve my condition.


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