Buti surprised by Egypt


Coach Lorenzo Blengini added Egypt's attacking game hurt Italy early on

Hiroshima, Japan, September 10, 2015 - Italy captain Simone Buti said Egypt surprised them as he and his team breathed a sigh of relief after beating them in four sets.

Italy coach Gian Lorenzo Blengini: I take all matches of this competition to be difficult. Today was no different. They had a good service and attack. They played more of an attacking game early, but we were able to turn it around later by becoming more aggressive on attack.

Egypt coach Nehad Shehata: We played against a strong team. We had a good start and played well in the first two sets. Generally I thought we played well. It was a good experience for us against the top players on the Italian team.

Italy captain Simone Buti: It was tough for us at the start. Their serves were good. Today was not as easy as the past two days. We turned the match around in the second and third sets. It was good we could win in the end. They were a surprise. Their reception was good and they played well at the start.

Egypt captain Ahmed Abdelhay: We knew Italy was a strong team. We were good in the first set but after the first set the difference in experience showed and they won. We played our best. Playing 14 sets in three days is tough. We take the experience of playing against big names on the Italy team. We will rest tomorrow and get ready for the next matches.


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