Russia roll out 3-0 match on Egypt


Toyama, Japan, September 18, 2015 – Russia nearly fumbled the second set but Dmitriy Muserskiy saved the day as coach Valdimir Alekno’s squad succeeded in straight sets against Egypt (25-20, 26-24, 25-18) in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup at the Toyama City Gymnasium on Friday. 

Russia’s Maxim Mikhaylov bested all scorers with 16 points, while Ahmed Abdelhay led the Egyptian side with 15 markers. 

 Egypt gave out good serves to start the match to find themselves with 8-4 at the first technical timeout.

Russia quickly went to their wingmen as means to bridge the gap. Mikhaylov and Evgeny Sivozhelez provided firepower from the flank, while Artem Volvich dominated the middle. They seized the 16-15 lead at the second technical timeout and powerful attacks prevailed towards 25-20 in the first set. 

 During the second set, it remained evident that Abdelhay was the primary offensive option for Egypt as he was unstoppable from the wing. Egypt led 16-14 by the second technical timeout.

Ahmed Elkotb provided ample support with his swings and blocks that brought Egypt to setpoint.

The Russian captain Muserskiy remedied the situation with a great save and an ace to cap off the second set, 26-24. 

Egypt struggled in the third set in nearly every department. They could not receive properly or set up their plays. They seemed to play with a battered morale.

Russia, meanwhile, continued to dominate with their high spirits. Mikhaylov finished off the third set with a kill by the middle, 25-18.

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