Speraw happy with focus of USA in victory over Venezuela


David Lee says his side's serve is the difference-maker at the World Cup

Osaka, Japan, Septembet 16, 2015 - USA coach John Speraw continued to be impressed by his side as they put Venezuela to the sword at the FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup.

USA coach John Speraw: "I was pleased with our focus and attention to detail today. I wondered what our mentality would be. As everybody has said our serve was good. If we can continue to improve we can have a nice tournament. We play Iran tomorrow and know them very well. We have respect for Iran. Our focus now is on that match. Iran has a good offense. They play faster than anybody in the tournament."

Venezuela coach Vincenzo Nacchi: "The USA team is very strong. Especially their serve is strong. We could not handle it. Their block was effective because of that. We were able to nadle Poland's serve previously but not today. We are not discouraged by this performance and will continue to try to improve with each match. Tomorrow we play Japan. They are tough. It will depend on us and how we play. It will be a difficult game. Our technique and accuracy and limiting mistakes will be key. If we play to our potential we have a chance to win."

USA captain David Lee: "I'm proud of my team. We showed a lot of focus today. The difference was our serve. That is what is making the difference in this tournament. Our ace to serve ration has been good. If we keep serving like this we will be in good shape here."

Venezuela captain Kervin Pinerua: "We struggled with the serve of the USA. They are very strong. We also had trouble receiving. We have an important match with Japan tomorrow. We will try our best to get more points then."


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