Zaytsev says keeping pressure on Russia was key to victory


Ivan Zaytsev was named the most impressive player of the match

Tokyo, Japan, September 21, 2015 - Italian star Ivan Zaytsev said putting pressure on Russia meant they caused mistakes as they sealed their eighth win of the tournament.

Italy coach Gian Lorenzo Blengini: "I'm happy for today's match. We were good both mentally and technically. We made few mistakes and made good use of our opportunities. The first set was good. They started out well in the second set but we came back. Now we have to prepare for Argentina tomorrow."

Italy captain Simone Buti: "I'm happy and satisfied with the victory. I thought we coud win if we played our best. We had good concentration at the beginning and maintained it until the end of the match. I'm happy we could score one point after another. We must prepare now for tomorrow's match."

Italy player Ivan Zaytsev: "Our biggest goal today was to transform our desire to win the match into reality. I'm happy because this feeling we have no we have not had in this tournament. We played a great match against a great team. It's a great feeling now. I expected a big start from Russia but I was confident we could give them difficulties and problems. We maintained pressure on the Russian team and this was the key. Serving is a strange part of volleyball. Some days you are great and some times not so. I try my best in the moment and go with what I feel inside. You are along with the ball."

Russia coach Alekno Vladimir: "The team players choose their way and we did not do well today. I have to say we made more mistakes than them and that was the difference. A 10:30 start time is questionable. I can't understand it. This is not the best time to start the match but I won't say it was the reason for the defeat."

Russia captain Dmitriy Muserskiy: "At this moment Italy is superior. We lost 3-0 and I have to say there were superior to us both technically and strategically."


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